Australian camper adventures

Are you planning a campervan or motorhome holiday adventure in the great outback of Australia?  Want a relaxed holiday exploring some of the thousands of kilometers of stunning coastline?

For campervan hire in Australia we can get you exactly the camper you need at a price you can afford, with not booking hassles and no  searching websites with confusing price structures and extra charges. We book thousands of camper and motorhome hires every year in Australia for clients and keep the process simple and straight forward with no hidden costs:

    -No extra booking fee

    -Special hire deals not available to the public

    -Early booking special camper deals

    -All inclusive packages with insurance and extras at lowest cost

Every client is in a different situation, and we tailor your booking to your individual needs. Our knowledge of the industry in Australia allows us to get the camper or motorhome that is exactly right for you at the best possible cost.

Our staff are all experienced travelers and know what it is like to plan to get the very most out of your travel dollar. They have direct experience with the campers available in Australia and can point out the details that can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your holiday: Can all three of us sit in the cab?; can the kids see out of the window while we are traveling? Can we leave any beds set up? Small things can make a big difference!

All the campers we access are well maintained and reliable. You know when you book with us that if you want to get somewhere the campervan will not let you down, and you will be able to travel in the best in comfort and security in your home on wheels. Book now a premiumcamper from KEA in New Zealand.

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Jucy Crib 2 berth

New to the market this 2 berth camper that has the performance  and easy driving of a car. Unlike a car it also has a double bed so you have free accommodation on wheels thrown in!

The Jucy Crib

Great road trip adventures

When you book your camper hire Australia with us you know you will get the great road trip adventure you always dreamed of at an affordable price. Our  booking process cuts all the hassle out of deciding what campervan or motorhome you need, and what you get for your money. Our agents are not only experienced in the campervan hire industry but also experienced travelers themselves and know all the pitfalls when arranging a camper for your holiday of a lifetime.

Whatever your idea of the ideal holiday in Australia and whatever type of traveler you are; backpacker, family or someone enjoying the freedom of retirement, we can find the ideal camper for you. Whether traveling in the vast timeless outback of Australia, the bush covered mountains, or along the countless kilometers of stunning coastline, you will be free of the worry of  where you are going to find accommodation for the night.

Camper hire makes holiday planning simple. No need for rigid plans revolving around where you can get hotel or motel room at the right place at the right price. It halves the planning to do your travel and accommodation booking all in one go.

Don't be put off when you look online you will find plenty of camper hire companies all offering different campervans and motorhomes for hire at all sorts of prices with all sorts of extras and deals going on. At Camper Perth we know all the companies and can cut through all the confusing information to provide you with the very best deal available to fit your individual needs.

Want to travel further in the time you have available? Traveling across Australia and want to maximize the experience? A one way camper hire is the perfect solution. Pick up your camper, head out of town and keep going - no retracing your footsteps! You can leave the camper at any of the main centers of Australia:  Broome, Alice Springs, Darwin , Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Launceston as examples. Talk to our agents to get the full list.

Hire a camper or motorhome and you the get the chance to meet fellow travelers on the road. Memories of a lifetime are made around the campfire at night under the stars, sharing experiences and advice with new friends. You will learn of new amazing places to go that you may never have found out about in any other way. No problems having to reschedule anything to change direction and head off somewhere else - you just take your home with you!

We look forward to helping to you turn your great Australia adventure of a lifetime into a lifetime of memories.